Download Patek Water Ringtone Free For Mobile

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Download Patek Water Ringtone Free For Mobile

Message par NicoleJS » 22 sept. 2016 04:29

Future and Young Thug have been two of the most prolific and influential rappers of the last several years. A song like “Patek Water,” a standout from their surprise mixtape SUPER SLIMEY, featuring Migos’ Offset. The track uses Patek Philippe watches as a status symbol for winning effortlessly and shining constantly—things this trio can’t seem to stop doing. Check listen and download Patek Water ringtone free for mobile.
Patek Water Ringtone Lyrics
I'm a young gunner, young gunner, young gunner, a nigga just wet up
We don't got no time for these boys, just shut up and bet up
The Rollie on Ric Flair, my wrist is just wet up (Whoo)
The plug just called like "What up?", nigga don't let up (Let's go)
The diamonds are yellow today, you gotta catch up, yeah
Money on the floor with these hoes, these niggas can't pose with us (Can't pose, no)
How the fuck you sound old? You never grown with us
Diamonds in the ear got big, look nigga, I told you (They dripping wet)
Flood that Patek in the sea and throw her that straw (Throw her that straw)
All these bitches they diggin' him with a golden shovel
Secret service, they taking me through the side door (Side, let's go)
And I promise I can fold with a blindfold ... 12386.html
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Comment décrypter un fichier sous windows 10

Message par Steph » 22 sept. 2016 18:18


Je crains qu'il ne soit pas possible de déchiffrer ton PDF.

De plus cela ne concerne pas Windows


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